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My main target audience with this website are English speaking Mexicans living in the U.S. who have deviated from their Mexican roots. I named this website El Despertador Mexicano for two main reasons. First in honor of Miguen Hidalgo's first insurrection newspaper called El Despertador Americano which was published from 1810 to 1811 during our nation's struggle for independence. This newspaper had the intention of disseminating the necessary information for the rebel's cause.

The second reason is in the name itself. El Despertador Mexicano, meaning, The Awakening of Mexicans. It is my cause to awaken all Mexicans to the reality of our situation. To open their eyes and see what it truly means to be Mexican. That we are a people and a nation, NOT some gimmicky little minority living in the U.S. as most Chicanos believe.




I am Moyocoyatzin and I created this web site and I make my own re-search and I write everything you see in these pages, excluding citations and/or references from other authors or books. Unlike most so-called ‘organizations’ that claim to be working for the good of our people, and I’m sure you know which ones I am talking about, I do not take in any profit and I do not ask for any donations. I am not making any sort of money off this and in order to operate this simple website it only requires my own elbow grease and occasionally the book I need in order to make my own studies which I can pay for myself and present you with free info.

The material you see me presenting here is solely for educational purposes as well as to inspire you. I don't sellout to anyone and I don’t believe in intellectual prostitution or mental masturbation.I will ask the reader to forgive my guerrilla style website. I am no programmer but what I truly am is a writer and analytical reader. I love to read and think critically. This website may not be the best looking site in the world, and people who come across it will tend to think of me as someone trying to publish an underground newsletter in his garage, but that is exactly the mood that I want to portray. I want the reader to get the authentic sense of rebellion, but not that sort of sentiment that teenaged kids feel towards their parents, what I mean is that form of rebellion that George Orwell portrays in his novel 1984. A rebellion against oppression and repression. When we rebel it is for the cause of liberation NOT adventure or gitty insecure emotionalism. This is a war against ideas and customs. It is a war against the oppression of our true identity and a resistance against cultural distortions that the popular media types, particularly in the U.S., have brought unto us as a people. This movement cannot be summarized in this paragraph or page alone. This movement can only be understood when one has read everything that is written in this whole website.

Here I will try to reference and/or quote strictly from scholarly sources to create my thesis and analytical point of view. I cite my sources so that there is to be no accusation of plagiarism and, if there is ever any doubt, I have posted my entire bibliography here. I do not advocate opinions, feelings, or intuitions unless they are founded on something solid. I am strictly about the facts. What I intend to do here is a simple Mexican newspaper inspired by Father Hidalgo’s original "El Despertador Americano" newspaper which he used to promote the early cause of independence and Mexican liberation in order to pursue our own potential as a sovereign people.

My objective is to unify my people under our true heritage and common history as well as ancestry. My struggle is to fight back against the modern fads that are distorting our identity. These gang and thug cultures are promoted, influenced, and spread by ridiculous music which is followed not far off by a culture and mentality of heightened mediocrity and savagery such as: rap, hip-hop, reggaeton and the infamous narco corridos. Now I know it is stupid to blame music and pop-culture as the cause of violence but it is equally stupid to assume that they don’t inspire and disseminate it. These distortions are spawned in the ghettos of the U.S. and do not reflect our true selves as Mexicans. They are nothing more than the shadow of ignorance and adolescent sentiment.

The Narco culture which includes the infamous corridos are an abomination to Mexico because they glorify crime and exalt despicable child killing criminals. These Narcos may have been home grown in Mexico but they are still an ideological import from South American drug lords. The Mexican government has it's hands full in trying to eliminate these backstabbing traitors from our nation.

I also want to make it clear that I am NOT affiliated with any pre-established organization, this is my solo project and my obligation to fight against these attacks on my people. I created my own ideals and my own organization. The Order of Quetzalcoatl is my true order and modus operandi, I am it’s founder and I thought I should share with you all to give you the benefit of my experience and hopefully be corrected on some of my own mistakes.

                                                                                     My Purpose
This site will be a small contribution to my fellow Mexicans. Here I will post knowledge that everyone should know if they wish to be informed of their Mexican culture and heritage. This site is mainly designed to combat the "Latino" culture. Many will see this with emotion and objection and will tend to ignore the facts. The truth is that we as Mexicans are NOT Latinos. We are not Hispanics. You may have already seen the popular anti-Latino movements like the Mexica-Movement and the Ideologies of M.E.C.H.A. or the Aztlan people.
The fact is that most of these groups rely on inciting emotion and radical fanaticism to spread their message. They are rarely centered in Logic or Truth, and even when they are they only use isolated facts to promote their agendas at the expense of the bigger picture.
This is very important for Mexico, we are literaly fighting now for who we are. The "Latino" culture is comercial culture that is sustained NOT by the people but by the pop-artists (Reggaeton, Cumbias, Bachata, Salsa, etc) and the multi-millionaire companies that promote them. They set the standards on clothing, language and even education. Why? Well because they are making money off it, that's why. And the U.S. would certainly welcome this as a replacement for the failed "Melting Pot" that has not yet gobbled up the Mexican people and inducted them into the mainstream american culture.
So, if you love your people, love your true culture and heritage, NOT the one they show you on american TV/Media, but your REAL authentic heritage from Mexico then you will strive to learn all that you can about the real Mexico; and teach the younger generations so that this culture war will not blot out their roots. And make them fatherless children with no country or heritage to call their own.
The following video should give you an introductory and general idea of what it truely is to be Mexican. The language is in Spanish which I expect all true Mexican to eventually master in order to further participate in the affairs of our Nation.

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